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Bilgemek Automation Innovative Solutions

Bilgemek Automation Innovative Technologies is a member of Usemek Group Companies Association. It carries out application, engineering, project design, R&D activities in building and process automation field. Bilgemek Automation creates solutions for your problems with its expert personnel and product range that is rich in many fields, which mainly focuses on building management systems, industrial automation, drinking water and waste water purification facilities and such infrastructure projects, energy management systems, switch facilities protection and control, remote control and tracking in scope of your partial applications and turn-key projects.

We provide you with the most reliable and functional solutions by performing evaluations down to the last detail especially for low, medium and high voltage switch and power facilities remote control and tracking, HMI / SCADA systems, digital protection and locking systems, recording the management process, alarm notifications, and processes such as synchronization, loading input and load rejection in generator systems.

Energy observation and management systems include mains electricity energy being in the first place and if available also backup and supportive, renewable energy systems, solid and liquid fossil fueled production units, indoor energy distribution systems and consumer devices.

It can be summarized as measuring the energy coming to the building and the energy produced in the building, uniting the energies and ensuring distribution and consumption according to costs and quality, improving the observed energy qualities, management of necessary warning alarms and protection functions, ensuring efficient operation of energy converter and consumer systems and controlling them, providing continuous and analyzable data to facility management, recording, filtering and inquiring, displaying, presentation of statistical data in the most beneficial and meaningful way, preventive maintenance and making it possible to increase the establishment's efficiency.

WISEO Software

Among products as the result of our software works, WISEO Energy and WISEO Building supervisory software can be given as an example. It is a software platform that has high performance and reliability without any data capacity problem, which provides direct / indirect (via data exchange servers) quick access to field controllers, sensors and actuators and which uses state of art database structures efficiently and supports object-based and third party products.


Moreover, we have PLC, DDC software and software libraries which make it possible to improve the performance of our controllers, shorten the commissioning times and use equipments with various types and trademarks together. What is more we develop and produce data communication / exchange products (cards), which are not available among the products of international producers and which, conditionally, are needed by us in special projects or have them produced.